About Us

Alcohol was a huge part of my life before I made the decision to stop drinking in March 2018. Without alcohol - which was a staple in all of my previous social settings - I thought I was giving up on fun with friends, family and colleagues.

Several months later, I discovered craft non-alcoholic beer. Something clicked. I wasn’t just drinking to drink, but for the first time in my life, I was drinking with intention and awareness, and starting to recognize the subtle complexities of these malted beverages. This NA beer was really good! Even better, it gave me an alternative to drinking club soda in the social settings that I previously feared in sobriety.

Non-alcoholic beer gave me something to look forward to when I thought I had given up everything.

I knew I had only scratched the surface of the quality NA that exists in the world, but I had troubles locating more. The next two years were spent bouncing from liquor store to liquor store, attempting to find more of this quality craft non-alcoholic beer only to be disappointed in the selection stocked on traditional retail shelves.

DrinkNA was created to solve this problem by aggregating a premium selection of craft non-alcoholic beer in a single online store.

I recognize that NA beer isn’t part of everyone’s journey in sobriety, but DrinkNA isn’t just for those on the path of sobriety. There are so many reasons to consider a beer that skips the alcohol but doesn’t skip the flavor.

DrinkNA is for the health-conscious, the athletic, the expecting mothers, the on-call healthcare workers, the designated drivers, the sober curious and those simply wanting to try something different.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to sharing my favorite non-alcoholic brews with you.