Beautiful Rind & DrinkNA: Cheese & NA Beer Pairing Event!

Thank you for joining our Dry January NA Beer & Cheese Pairing Event! 

The Dry January Pairing Event's mixed pack was carefully curated to highlight the fact that non-alcoholic beer doesn't have to be boring.  On the contrary, NA brews are tastefully complex products with an increasing range of flavors.  Each of these brews blew our socks off and we are so pumped to share them with you! 

We hope you enjoy your mixed pack!  Swing by the DrinkNA Instagram page and let us know which was your favorite! 

Included in the Pairing Event Mixed Pack:

  • Athletic Brewing - Upside Dawn Golden Ale
  • WellBeing Brewing - Hellraiser Dark Amber 
  • Hairless Dog Brewing - NA Black Ale
  • Brooklyn Brewery - Special Effects IPA

    From the Brewers:

    Athletic Brewing (Stratford, CT) Upside Dawn Golden AleClassic craft golden ale. Refreshing, clean, balanced, light-bodied. Aromas subtle with floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium organic malts from US & Germany along with combo of English and traditional American hops.

    WellBeing Brewing (Maryland Heights, MO) - Hellraiser Dark Amber:  Hellraiser is the beer to drink when you are out with your friends ready to have a great time. This hop-forward amber has the perfect balance of floral aroma and spicy hops to delight the palete of craft beer enthusiasts everywhere. 


    Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY) - Special Effects IPA:  Brooklyn Special Effects IPA brings the bright hop aromas and juicy citrus flavors of our favorite IPAs to the non-alcoholic world, all with under 100 calories. We brewed it for drinkers everywhere who love all things hoppy and refreshing, but without the high ABV. Whenever and wherever the IPA mood strikes, Special Effects IPA is there to help you do more with your days and nights.


    Hairless Dog (Minneapolis, MN) - NA Black Ale:  Behold the richness of our darkest ale. Specifically brewed for those who crave a roasted malt flavor, and an ultra-smooth finish, without an overly bitter bite. And with 0.0% ABV, it’s your new anytime brew.