TasteNA Club: Confirm Your Shipping Address

Thank you for joining the TasteNA Club!   We're glad you're here! 

We believe that the TasteNA Club has the ability to shape the future of non-alcoholic beer access throughout the United States.  

By connecting established and emerging NA brewers with a network of NA enthusiasts (you!) to taste and provide feedback on their craft NA beer, we are able to show the entire industry that there are thousands of NA beer consumers that want more great NA options and access to those options.  

Through this mutually productive Brewer-and-Taster partnership created by the TasteNA Club, we can encourage both the established and emerging NA brewers to continue brewing and creating new styles of non-alcoholic beer.  

Together, we have the ability to shape the future of non-alcoholic beer in the US. 

But we can’t do it without your help.  

In order for the TasteNA Club to be effective, we ask our Tasters (you!) to commit to the following participation requirements for each round of samples: 

  1. Product Review - When your sample has been received and you’ve had the chance to taste it, please provide feedback on the NA beer via an in-email review (email containing the review link will be sent separately after delivery confirmation).
  2. Social Media Share - Make a social media post (Instagram or Facebook) that includes:
    • An image of the sampled non-alcoholic beer
    • Tags the Brewer (@insert_brewer_name)
    • Tags DrinkNA (@Drink_NA)
    • Uses the #TasteNAClub hashtag

Members who do not complete the participation requirements above will be excluded from future TasteNA Club participation. 

We look forward to sharing the newest and best non-alcoholic beer with you!  Cheers!  


*Due to state regulations and other shipping limitations we do not currently ship to the following states: Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, Mississippi, Kansas, Idaho, and Nebraska.