TasteNA Club:  Free Non-Alcoholic Beer Delivered to Your Door

DrinkNA is on a mission to increase the accessibility of premium non-alcoholic beer and other craft beverages. We started by offering an impressive selection of non-alcoholic beer in the DrinkNA online store, but we’re not stopping there!

We are taking it a few steps further by encouraging established breweries and new non-alcoholic brands to continue creating new styles and flavors of NA beer through our new TasteNA Club.  

The TasteNA Club connects NA brewers with NA enthusiasts (you) to taste and provide feedback on the newest non-alcoholic brews.   

How Does It Work?

  • NA Enthusiasts (you) sign up for the TasteNA Club using the form below
  • TasteNA Club members will receive an email to notify them when new non-alcoholic beer is available for tasting
  • Single-can samples of the NA product will be mailed to each club member 

In exchange for the sample, DrinkNA and partnering breweries ask that TasteNA Club members provide feedback on the NA product via an in-email review.   

Be the first to sample new non-alcoholic beer products! Sign up for the TasteNA Club below.