Best of the Best: Non-Alcoholic Stouts Mixed Pack Sampler (6-Pack | 12 oz.)

Best of the Best: Non-Alcoholic Stouts Mixed Pack Sampler (6-Pack | 12 oz.)

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Stout lovers raise your hands!    

We assembled a mixed 6-pack containing three of the best non-alcoholic stouts brewed in the US.   

Included in the Stout Mixed Pack Sampler:

  • Athletic Brewing - All Out Stout (x2)
  • Big Drop Brewing - Galactic Extra Dark (x2)
  • Untitled Art - Chocolate Milk Stout (x2) 

From the Brewers:

Athletic Brewing - All Out Stout:   All Out Stout was built for cold weather. We recommend enjoying by the fire after a long day on the slopes. Expect a full-bodied mouthfeel and a pleasantly roasted finish, as well as delicate coffee and bittersweet chocolate notes. Pairs excellently with savory dishes like hearty chili or sweet treats for dessert. Don't let anything slow you down this season. Go All Out!

Big Drop Brewing Co. - Galactic Extra Dark:  Forget the notion this is a beer style that has had its day. Instead, think of it as honeycomb covered in chocolate, because that’s exactly what it tastes like: rich, unctuous and an absolutely decadent treat of a beer.

Untitled Art - Chocolate Milk Stout: Brewed with chocolate and milk sugar. 

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