Boulevard Brewing Flying Start NA IPA (<0.5% ABV | 12oz.)

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From the Brewer:

Dry January doesn't have to mean deprivation.

Embrace those New Year's resolutions and get a Flying Start on your goals with this innovative, non-alcoholic IPA made with our friends at Athletic Brewing Company. It's the real deal - juicy hop flavor and crisp malt balance - minus the alcohol and many of the calories.

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Andrew H.
United States United States
Athletic & Boulevard absolutely nailed it

This beer is the coming of age of NA beers in the USA. A great collaboration between a great regional brewer and the Best NA team in the US. The can looks great and the beer drinks beautifully. It's a genuinely complex IPA. Not too dry and not too malty. Really drinks well. This is probably the best beer Athletic has produced at scale, better even than Free Way. This is one to subscribe to.

Kathleen R.
United States United States
All Time Favorite!!!

My all time favorite! Complex flavor with just the right balance of hops and maltiness. I agree there is a large amount of yeast that settles to the bottom of the glass, but that doesn’t impact taste IMO. Definitely try this beer!!

Kyle B.
United States United States
Solid unfiltered IPA

IPA flavor and good mouth feel. There is a lot of dead yeast precipitate in the can presenting as black specks. Don't fear, just let the can settle upright then pour into a glass - leave the last lil bit in the can.

Katharine O.
United States United States
Entirely lovely!

The flavors are pronounced without being agressive or unnuanced. Hazy things can fall into the traps of being hop bombs that feel like they are trying to hide something behind all that bitterness, or just plain orange juice. This is neither and will be an absolute future favorite. I opened one last night just to try it, and ended up having another one because the flavors are just plain satisfying and the weight of it is perfect. It’s not “good for an NA” beer, its just a good beer.

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