Hairless Dog Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer Sampler (6-Pack | 12 oz.)

Hairless Dog Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer Sampler (6-Pack | 12 oz.)

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Hairless Dog continues to blow our mind with the unique brewing style used to produce its alcohol free (0.0% ABV) beer!  It's truly impressive the range of flavors they are able to produce while producing these alcohol free brews.   

Not sure where to start?  Dive right in with a mixed 6-pack containing three of Hairless Dog Brewing's best selling brews!  

Included in the Hairless Dog Brewing 6-Pack Sampler:

  • NA Citra Lager (x2)
  • NA IPA (x2)
  • NA Coffee Stout (x2) 

From the Brewer:

NA Citra Lager boasts upfront citrus peel notes, sweet caramel malt, and earthy hops create our bold, yet refreshing. It’s the perfect all-season, any-occasion NA brew for those seeking a lighter-bodied drink that’s crisp and flavorful.

NA IPA is where heartland malt meets West Coast hops meets 0.0% ABV. Maris Otter malt joins Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe hops for a smooth, hoppy IPA you can enjoy beyond moderation.

NA Coffee Stout:  Get roasted, not toasted with Hairless Dog's Coffee Stout! This 0.0% ABV stout marries small-batch craft with big-brew flavor. Nugget and Willamette hops complement the rich coffee notes and malty goodness for a better bitter beverage.

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